Code of Conduct & Requirements


Parents, Legal Guardians, Students, Carolers,

All Volunteers must sign and return this code of conduct and ALL other required  forms back to CCMT before they can come back to the 2nd rehearsal.

Each member of CCMT must agree to the following for the safety and flow of the organization.  It may be a lot to cover, but these are areas that have come up in the past and we had to find a way to prevent them from coming up again in the future. 

Thank You for your cooperation!


a) JUNE - Let’s see how much you know before you even sign up…If you know the songs well enough, you can simply sign up and forgo the $5.00 CD. Those who don’t know the songs well enough will need to purchase the CD, and come back to an August audition.

b) AUGUST – Come back and let’s see how much you learned. 

NOTE: These auditions are not about having the prettiest singing voices or perfect pitch, but rather how well you know the songs.


To save on rehearsal times and expenses. This also allows for a better chance for the creative re- arrangement of songs / medley’s etc during rehearsals. This also saves time on “horsing around” so there is less damage to property and assets of the rehearsal site, churches, schools or facilities where we perform – thus saving money to replace damaged items and reducing the chances of bodily injuries.


Each caroler must obtain their own songbook. The songbooks will be customized and you will keep your songbook after the tour is finished.  We add different songs into the book occasionally and rearrangements are marked as needed due to soloists, tempos etc. each year to suit the needs of the group. Therefore, each caroler is required to purchase their songbook  in one of two ways so as to take notes of re-arrangements or changes in solo’s, duets, or other special instructions related to the delivery of the songs. 

a) You can make a $10 tax deductible donation to CCMT or

b) You can agree to raise a $10 tax deductible donation for CCMT at the time of sign up.

NOTE:  Some binders have ripped in the past due to improper handling. If your binder is damaged, YOU MUST FIX / MEND OR REPLACE YOUR SONGBOOK BEFORE OR AFTER REHEARSALS, NOT DURING THE REHEARSALS. If you need another songbook, it will require another $10 tax deductible donation to CCMT.  If you only need  a few pages replaced, we will kindly ask for $0.10 per page. So please be careful and respectful of your songbook. These are yours to keep after the tour is over.


We have learned over the years that the group tends to be more focused and compliant when we share songbooks during performances. All carolers should be prepared to share songbooks. The choir director will have the final say on who stands with who. Sometimes it is for the “look” and presentation of the group and at other times it is for the ease of directing the songs when there are “echo’s” or guy and girl parts so the director doesn’t have to go all over the place. It is NOTHING personal if you cannot stand in a group with your “favorite” carolers. There may also be times that the group arrangement may change depending on which songs we are singing and in which order we are singing them and where.


We know it can be fun to mingle and talk with our eyes with everyone in the group. However, the number one rule in CCMT no matter where we are or what we are doing is to KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE DIRECTOR. Sometimes people get lost in the song or the director picks up on something else going on musically and needs to make a change or wants to make a change and if you are not looking at the director, you could cause a distraction and the group will be “all over the place” when we are in front of people. If we have to correct you too many times because you are having a hard time paying attention, we may have to ask you to leave the choir and no community service will be issued.



ALL cell phones and other electronic devices WILL BE COLLECTED  by the choir director IMMEDIATELY UPON THE FIRST DISTRACTION FROM ANYONE'S  CELL PHONE OR OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICE and returned to the carolers  AFTER rehearsals or performances are finished. NO PHONE ACTIVITY WILL BE ALLOWED DURING REHEARSALS OR PERFORMANCES. Adults should keep their phones on silent and be respectful not to answer any calls or texts. Adults need to set the example, including the director.


If you miss more than 2 rehearsals, or either of the tour date performances, you are dismissed with NO community service hours provided. Any monies you have collected from donors will be considered as a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE AND NON-REFUNDABLE donation to CCMT so the bus rental fee, goodie bags and other items purchased and accounted for will not be interrupted for the rest of the group. We will also contact all your donors and make them aware of each incident that violated the policies of CCMT.


We do need certified chaperones. All adult chaperones, volunteers and carolers over the age of 18 will be subject to a criminal background check and fingerprinting. Two important things to keep in mind: 

a) Chaperones and other volunteers who travel with the group will not stand with the group during performances except during the door to door or in the hallways of certain facilities unless they were also a caroler who attended all rehearsals.

b) All chaperones must make babysitting arrangements for their other children who are not carolers if they want to be a chaperone on the tour, during rehearsals, at fundraisers or any other CCMT activity they attend.


a) Anyone who has NOT paid the bus fee, or has not had a criminal background check done or has not been fingerprinted IS NOT ALLOWED to come or stay on the tour,  the bus or attend other outings with the group. 

b) Absolutely NO children who are not part of the choir (even if their siblings are) will be allowed to come or stay during any of the rehearsals or on the tour. This is an active ministry, not a babysitting service.  Carolers and volunteers cannot babysit their siblings, friends or family members and will be dismissed with no community service credits issued.


Every caroler, volunteer, chaperone and paid staff WILL BE REQUIRED to fill out  a medical form in it's entirety with an additional emergency contact and / or permission slips in case there are emergencies of some sort while on CCMT property or during any CCMT activity / event.  Without this medical information and instructions, we cannot allow entrance into the choir or the organization.


It is up to each caroler, student or adult volunteer to find timely and reliable transportation to and from rehearsals and performances, goodie bag days and all other events and activities on time. If carolers miss more than 2 rehearsals, or if you miss either of the 2 tour dates / performances, you are dismissed with NO community service hours granted. The rehearsals are for the purpose of the tours.


There is no food or drink allowed on the premises of CCMT or wherever rehearsals or performances are held. Please make sure you or your children have eaten and are comfortably hydrated BEFORE all rehearsals, tours and events. CCMT will provide bottled water and a break half-way through the rehearsals and tours. There will be a meal or two provided during the tour dates, but not before, during or after rehearsals or other activities. We cannot allow people to bring their food to eat during any regularly scheduled events.  Please do NOT bring food or drink onto the premises.


If you misbehave, talk back, leave or wander away from your position, run around in the rehearsal site, churches / facilities or any other public place we perform, play drums or other instruments when told not to, pout, TOUCH OR LEAN ON MIC OR MUSIC STANDS, make ugly faces, bite or degrade someone, this is grounds for automatic dismissal with NO community service hours issued. Any monies you have collected from donors will be considered as a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE AND NON-REFUNDABLE donation to CCMT so that the bus rental fee, goodie bags and other items purchased and accounted for will not be interrupted for the rest of the group. We will also contact all your donors and make them aware of each incident that violated the policies of CCMT.




c)  IF YOU VIOLATE ANYONE’S BODY OR PROPERTY, YOU ARE DISMISSED WITH NO community service hours issued and NO REFUNDS of donations. 

d)  All parents, teachers, pastors and legal guardians of both the offender and the “victim” will be notified immediately by phone and later in writing. WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for violating the personal space and property of others.


If you cannot get a hold of the director and speak personally in the form of a live phone call at least 4 hours prior to a rehearsal, and at least 24 hours prior to a tour date, fundraiser or any other activity and you do not show up as agreed, this is automatic grounds for dismissal with no community service issued (depending on the activity you missed).  Reason being that text messages are not always feasible and often do not go through on time and more times than not, phone batteries “die” or notification sounds did not go off or some simply just “didn’t hear it”.  Not only that, but when we are in the middle of rehearsals, driving or performances, we cannot interrupt such activities to drop what we are doing (playing an instrument, holding a songbook, practicing a routine) and pick up a phone in order to answer it or text back at that moment.  Therefore, this will be considered unacceptable communication and you will be at risk of losing ALL community service hours at that time. Furthermore, unless the director gives you a return text message or phone call within 10 minutes, you should make every effort to initiate a live phone call. All monies collected will be considered as a TAX DEDUCTIBLE and NON-REFUNDABLE donation to CCMT. 


Door to door caroling forms will be given out at the first rehearsal and verbal reminders provided. Each form must be submitted to CCMT no later than the first Friday in November in order for CCMT to construct a tour map to provide to the bus company in advance of the tour dates. If the addresses are wrong or the people are not home, unfortunately, we CANNOT reschedule them and / or backtrack. It is our hope to visit everyone on your list and bring as much cheer to as many people as we can.


No one associated with CCMT is allowed to take photos or videos, write down addresses or reveal the addresses of any of the recipients' homes we visit.  This means no Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Skype or any other form of social media outlets not mentioned here. This could be a violation of privacy and legal charges can / will be filed against any and all persons who do this. CCMT shall be held harmless in such cases


Each participant of CCMT is RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN BELONGINGS, whether they are articles of clothing, instruments, cell phones or any electronic device, money, credit cards, student ID’s, jewelry, medications or anything else . If you lose them, it is on you and at your own cost. CCMT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, DAMAGED OR STOLEN BELONGINGS OR PROPERTY.


You must understand and agree in writing that “Christmas Caroling Ministry Tour, Inc” is NOT an employer and there is no medical insurance provided by CCMT. You agree that you / your child are volunteering on your own free will and are responsible for your own OR your child’s medical care if any medical condition or emergency should arise while you or your child is in the presence of CCMT or on their property or the property of any homes or facilities that CCMT visits.


You must understand and agree in writing that neither you nor your child is allowed to smoke cigarettes, bring any illegal or illicit drugs or medical marijuana, alcohol onto the premises of “Christmas Caroling Ministry Tour, Inc.” or have it on your person during any “Christmas Caroling Ministry Tour, Inc” rehearsals, tours, fundraisers, activities or events; nor are you or your child allowed to be under the influence of any such items listed above or any other items that are illegal or illicit in accordance with the laws of the land that may not be listed above.  Violation of this is automatic grounds for dismissal with no community service credits issued.


You must understand and agree in writing that if your doctor has prescribed you or your child any medications that could be considered as recreational or medically necessary that you and your child may be required to provide proof of such medication from the doctor who prescribed it. You agree that this is for the protection of you, your child, other participants, board members or anyone who is associated with “Christmas Caroling Ministry Tour, Inc.” in any capacity including donors and recipients of “Christmas Caroling Ministry Tour, Inc.”.


You must understand and agree in writing that neither you nor your child will be permitted to carry any kind of gun, rifle, knife, pocket knife, scissors, razors, lighter, matches, dynamite, fireworks, sparklers or other bomb-like materials or chemicals at any time on CCMT property or any property that CCMT visits. 

You must understand and agree in writing that if CCMT considers any of your or your child’s personal belongings to be dangerous that CCMT has the right to collect such items from you or your child immediately without resistance from you or your child for the remainder of the rehearsal, tour or other activity or event and that is taking place and that CCMT will return it promptly to the adult volunteer or adult parent upon dismissal of the activity. If you or your child does resist CCMT, you agree that this is automatic dismissal from CCMT and no community service credits will be issued and that law enforcement may be brought in.


In order to provide equal participation opportunities to all individuals, decisions about participation in CCMT's activities will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. CCMT does not discriminate  because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability, and has zero tolerance for those who do.

CCMT will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship. This policy governs all aspects of participation in CCMT's activities.

Participants with questions or concerns about discrimination in any CCMT sponsored activity are encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of ToniAnn Williams, the President of CCMT. Participants can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. Anyone found to be engaging in unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of their eligibility to participate in CCMT's activities."


a) We know it can be cumbersome to read and sign so much information. However, being a nonprofit, we have to take safety and commitment very seriously. There are people who look forward to us every year and if we don’t have your commitment and safety information, then we cannot sing to the people who are expecting us to sing. We also want to make sure every parent, legal guardian, volunteer and student feels very secure and comfortable to know that we have an action plan in place in case an emergency comes up. It is better to be over prepared than under-prepared in these situations. 

b) The other reason is that your commitment affects EVERYONE we come in contact with – even your fellow carolers. We assign solo’s, duets and background vocals based on which songs each caroler likes and it makes them like what they are singing. If we assign you a specific part, we are counting on you to come through. If you don’t show up, that throws the group out of wack and may mean that we won’t be able to sing a certain song the way we rehearsed it. And, it is not fair that the rest of the group would have to try to learn your part without enough time to practice. We guarantee you that the songs you sing are someone’s favorites even if they are not your favorites.

c) This choir costs a lot of money and we are going to be going out to people in the community and asking them to make financial donations to CCMT so that we have enough money to do all the things we do and that you and your children want to do. If we are not committed to do the part of CCMT that we sign up for, then why would anyone give any of their money as a donation to CCMT? And, why would they give their money to a sloppy organization? Would you? So please, if you are serious, fill out every form in a legible fashion, in it's entirety and on time. And, do your part to be here on time, with a good attitude and to do your best. Hurting and lonely people are looking forward to hearing you sing and see your smiling face – even if you think you can’t sing well. 

Please understand that we cannot and will not allow anyone to join CCMT without all applicable signatures on ALL forms.  There are 30 caroler spots available and spots will be filled on a first come / first serve basis for first 30 applicants who get all required forms filled out completely with correct dates and signatures and into our office.  There other volunteer positions where there is not a limit as to how many volunteers we can accept.

ToniAnn Williams,

CCMT President / CEO