Benefits of Volunteering

What We Have Seen


Over time, things change. People change. We change. We grow. We discover. We develop and improve our lives and techniques. We learn. We get stronger. We become skilled and more aware of people, places, things, the environment, the way people feel and our role and what we can offer to ourselves and others around us. 

       The list below is not a foolproof or guaranteed promised list of what is gained by each individual when they volunteer with CCMT. However, it is a list and a testimony as to what we have seen occur in most of our carolers and volunteers since we started this group in 2016. 

       As we like to say here at CCMT, these volunteer opportunities are about you and what you want to accomplish in your life as you touch the lives of others in the various communities we visit!  In other words, you get out of it what you put into it.

Here is what we have noticed:

1)  Social skills and friendships developed

2)  Stage presence is developed

3)  Etiquette and manners developed (at least some are learned / developed we hope)

4)  Work Ethic is established via fundraising

5) Many things cost money – including church functions and money doesn’t grow on trees

6)  It is fun and rewarding to minister to friends and other people who don’t know Jesus

7)  Watching God work and answering prayers

8)  Talent discovery, confirmation and improvement of talents and performing

9)  Community Outreach / Evangelism Exposure and Experience gained

10)  Community Connections formed

11)  Recognizing God’s power within them

12)  Seeing / knowing God did use them and they are not too young for Jesus to call on them

13)  Money Management – Making, Saving, Spending (via the fundraising efforts)

14)  Sense of belonging and looking forward to something fun, healthy and of the Lord

15)   Learn about tithing, giving and other free will offerings

16)   Sense of Purpose and reinvention of new or extended purposes in their life

17)   Setting reasonable goals for themselves

18)   Celebration of accomplishment at the end and watching them reach goals they set for themselves.

19)  Family and sibling memories and bonding as a family unit

20)  Breaking through obstacles and challenges that arise

21)  How to endure - never giving up

22)  Artistic creativity and expression (making bags, pictures, cards etc…)

23)  Discovering their gift, call and identity in Christ

24)  Finding and knowing Christ as personal Lord and Saviour

25)  Learning there are 166 scriptures about children singing mentioned in the Bible

26)  Gain an appreciation, awareness and a healthy connection with public servants  (police, firefighters, EMT’s, Doctors, Cashiers, homeless people, soldiers etc…)

27)  Gain exposure to firefighter police, medical / health and safety practices (if offered)

28)  They learn they are a gift from God to both their family, friends and church

29)  They learn to pray (even adults learned to pray via the children!)

30)  They feel a sense of ownership in their songs