Board of Directors

ToniAnn Williams


President / CEO

ToniAnn hails from Chicago and spent years doing youth ministry, teaching high school Sunday School, youth retreats, small groups and mentoring in the Chicago Public Schools. She also enjoys writing and performing music and plays, and  planning weddings,  She holds a BA in Pastoral Studies and is  a certified wedding planner. She and her husband, Justin have been married for 8 1/2 years! They have no children of their own, but they love being Aunty, Uncle and Godparents to 25 nieces and nephews and "greats" as well as the proud owner of their newly adopted Chihuahua, Chipper.

John Bish



John has been an integral part of CCMT from its inception in 2016. He has a been a caroler, driver, and administrative developer in the concepts of the organization. He is very detailed and thorough in whatever task is before him – be it carpentry, electricity, auto mechanics or gardening. He is extremely intentional with research and meeting deadlines with accuracy.  He serves as a sound tech with various church worship services and activities in Connecticut and is the proud father of one daughter studying in the medical field in Great Britain.

Justin V. Williams



Justin is a pianist, song composer, associate pastor, and has been involved with men's ministries and has toured the UK with other musicians . He holds an AA in Theology and a Masters in Environmental Engineering and works for the state of Connecticut. Justin has been married to his wife ToniAnn for 8 1/2 years. They have no children of their own, but love being  Uncle, Aunty and Godparents to 25 nieces and nephews and "greats". He enjoys playing sudoku and pyramid. He and ToniAnn adopted a little Chihuahua and named him Chipper in June 2019.