Fundraising Goals & Costs



 We are including this information so you can see how important your donation is to our organization - whether you are volunteering for events, fundraisers or caroling; or, whether you are wondering where your money is going. 

Some expenses may seem a bit extravagant to some and a drop in the bucket to others. We believe that what we do is extravagant and no matter how you look at it, it is still a WIN-WIN for everyone involved! 


  • A WIN-WIN for the caroler to learn, grow and minister;

  • A WIN-WIN for the recipients who get to hear the carolers and that the Lord remembers them in the midst of their harder than normal circumstances;

  • A WIN-WIN for the giver who gets the satisfaction that they helped to get the carolers out singing in the  cold weather while they get to stay warm and dry inside;

  • A WIN-WIN for the giver to deduct their donation on their taxes to the extent of the law in the state in which they live;

  • A WIN-WIN  for the high school students to earn community service hours to satisfy their graduation requirements;

  • A WIN-WIN to make new and long lasting friendships with new people, other non-profits, schools, churches, medical facilities and businesses in the various communities!

Associated Costs


 The approximate breakdown is $320 per caroler when you include the Annual Awards Banquet.  

Hopefully fundraising volunteers at the different events will bring in enough money to cover the cost of everyone's banquet tickets as well.


1) $5.00 – CD  for those who need help learning the             songs prior to the September rehearsals.

2) $10.00 – Original Songbook 

(replacements are also $10 each)

3) $40.00 - liability of broken items at the school, church or facility per children not listening. (This is REFUNDABLE if nothing was broken by you or your child / children. If you or your child does break an item more than $40, you agree to pay the difference , including the taxes immediately.)

4) $20.00 – give away bags / items for recipients

5) $50.00 – toward group t-shirt / correct matching apparel for public performances

6) $60.00 per person for the 2-day Tour Bus Rental 

7) $25.00  per person for food and drinks for 2 Caroling / Performances days

8) $45.00 per person for Annual Awards Banquet (without making a profit to keep the cost low).

9) $30.00 per person for certificates, awards, photos, letters

10) $30 per person for gifts