Graduation Requirements & Going Beyond Christmas

A Win-Win All Year Long!


There are so many opportunities for everyone who loves Christmas! So where do you start? Which volunteer positions do you feel most drawn to?  You can't decide?

The good news is you can volunteer in every position that is age appropriate for you or your child! There is no limit on how many ways or in which areas you want to volunteer in or when (except for Carolers and the Annual Awards Christmas Banquet). 

You can volunteer for 4 months or all year round! 

High School students can get community service hours in any and every category all year long!  Mix and match the areas in which you want to complete your hours.  It's a win-win for everyone, not just at Christmas time, but rather all year round!

 **New Haven, Connecticut students: Our collaborations with non-profit organizations in the city of New Haven qualify towards New Haven Promise's community service requirement. 

Once you start with CCMT, you will be having so much fun that you will never want to leave. You'll love what you are doing! 

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  • Mix and Match Your Hours All Year Long

  • Get Community Service and Graduate High School

  • Meet New People

  • Be an Alumni